Manufacturer: Khaiser Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Product Code: T - 2060 - Ayur

Body Care Products are Meant to Care for Body and We (KAP) Understand this term Well, The Foods or Products you consume on daily basis may not be Good to your Body But You Still consume So, Because of Varying Reasons, Hence We (KAP) Specially Designed a Product K-Slim Fit Thoroughly with Few Herbs which dissolves the already present Fat, naturally resolves the Problem of Disposition of Fat which may be due to Different Diseases, Sedentary Life Style or Excess Colorie intake, and thus useful in Weight Loss

Uniquely Designed for Indians by Researching the Foods We Consume and the Side Effects They Do.

KAP Products are 100% Natural Ayurveda Medicines, No Metals Used, without any Side Effects, Pure Herbal, Pure Vegetarian, No Weakness, No Dehydration.

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