Manufacturer: Khaiser Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Product Code: T-2060 - Ayur

We all know the type of Foods we have to Eat and also the Type of Foods we have to Abolish but often it becomes Vice-Versa due to Innumerable Reasons, and The More The Different Lifestyle's We Make the more Inappropriate our Body Becomes.

Which eventuallly Causes Gases, Digestion Problems. Gases form Mainly Because of Chewing gum. Sucking on candies or food . Eating or drinking very quickly. Wearing dentures that are too loose. Smoking. Drinking from a straw. Drinking carbonated beverages. Etc., it will not only Affect Digestion but When its Excess it causes Joint Pains, Muscle Pains, Effecting the Functionality of Liver etc., and We do understand Controlling all this things in Day to Day Life is Headache Again, Hence We ""KAP"" Examined all this things thoroughly and Concluded with a Product which Handles all this issues for you without Leaving any Side Effects with Pure Herbs.

Uniquely Designed for Indians by Researching the Foods We Consume and the Side Effects They Do.

"KAP Products are 100% Natural Ayurveda Medicines, No Metals Used, without any Side Effects, Pure Herbal, Pure Vegetarian, No Weakness, No Dehydration."

KAP (Khaiser Ayurvedic Pharmacy) Understands your Privacy Concern and your Personal information is never in Wrong Hands.

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