Manufacturer: Khaiser Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Product Code: T-2060 Ayur

M-Brainz the name itself tells us the Uses of it , and The Reason for Us (KAP) to Make this Supplement was to Benefit People with Mental Disability or Abnormal Children who has difficulty in Learning , Memorizing, Sleeplessness, Insomnia, also benefiting the Creative and Scientific People.

We all know the type of Foods we have to Eat and also the Type of Foods we have to Abolish but often it becomes Vice-Versa due to Innumerable Reasons, and The More The Different Lifestyle's We Make the more Complicated our Brain Acts,

Thus We "KAP" made a Product which has all the Herbs which Specifically Helps the Brain and the Enzymes like (NAD) nicotine adenine dinucleotide, and Protects from unnecessary Stress. We Suggest M-Brainz to all those people who has Disability or if they have Stress Levels or Anything Related to Brain.

Uniquely Designed for Indians by Researching the Foods We Consume and the Side Effects They Do.

KAP Products are 100% Natural Ayurveda Medicines, No Metals Used, without any Side Effects, Pure Herbal, Pure Vegetarian, No Weakness, No Dehydration.

AP (Khaiser Ayurvedic Pharmacy) Understands your Privacy Concern and your Personal information is never in Wrong Hands

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